“For over two decades, when my company has been in need of stage violence that is responsive to the director’s vision, visually stunning, and safe, I have consistently endeavored to collaborate with Dan Burke. And, I have never been disappointed.” —

Clark Nicholson, Artistic Director and Founder Gamut Theatre Harrisburg PA


“Dan and I worked on a professional production of Oklahoma at The Allenberry Playhouse as well as on a scary production of Titus Andronicus at Harrisburg Shakespeare Company…Dan is a pleasure to collaborate with and the work is always safe, fun and incredibly believable! i would recommend and work with Dan again anytime!”–

Claud  A. Grioux, Director

“When Dan Burke brings Safe Violence to my high school for master classes, there is a palpable excitement. My students eagerly await his combat instruction each year and know that they are fortunate to be partaking in something that will give them power and confidence. They use aspects of what he teaches them in scenes and productions the rest of the year.”  —

Dana Kinsey, English/Drama Teacher, Lancaster Catholic High School

“Dan is fantastic with young people, teaching not just technique and skill, but the importance of safe stage violence. They do things they never thought possible, and the outcome is always a joy to watch.”–

Lisa Haywood, Drama Instructor Harrisburg Academy


“Working with Dan was not only a pleasure, but like a Master Class ! He is patient, thorough and very concise in his instruction and knowledge of Stage Combat and Weapons Training. We love him and look forward to working with him again soon.”–

Sheila Simmons, Director and Star of Blue Wall: The Web Series


“Dan Burke and his company Safe Violence brings a distinguished and unique brand of stage combat to any production. I personally have worked with Dan for much of my professional career (even fighting him on stage once or twice) and have rarely felt so powerful, controlled, sharp, and of course safe as I did executing Dan’s choreography. I highly recommend Safe Violence for your future productions!”–

Ian Potter, Actor